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ARCANIC LE STUDIO Hair dresser design coiffure outils coiffant


By the stylized haircut service, our stylists take the time to analyze with you the perfect cut and hairstyle that will go perfectly with your morphology. This also includes styling at all times.


Balayage is a technique that allows you to have lighter tones at the lengths while keeping a natural effect at the root. Maintenance every 4 to 6 months. Highlights are a lightening technique that goes from root to tip of your hair in a montage of aluminum papers leaving natural hair among the montage. Subtle or pronounced effect, depending on the desired style.


The Hairstyle and shaping expérience encompasses from A to Z all stylized Hairstyle from straight hair, curly hair to high hairstyle.

Hair treatment

Hair care is an integral part of healthy hair. Designed on the principle of the facial in aesthetic care, hair care detoxifies, deeply cleanses, repairs and hydrates from root to tip. All this, including a 20-minute relaxing massage.


Do not hesitate to contact us at any time, it will be our pleasure to guide you and inform you in detail about our products and services!

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